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(Hosted and Legacy Voice Services)

Your business phones should stay connected without complications.

Is your current phone system not cutting it? Do you need to be able to reliably make calls and conduct business without worrying about call quality or connection? Every modern business needs a voice system it can count on. We believe there’s no excuse for one that stresses you out.

We understand that your voice connectivity needs can seem complex, but the solution to those needs can be simple. Even if you have dispersed locations with a variety of phone systems in place, our legacy voice services fulfill each location’s requirements for connectivity.

nTalk supports the following phone services:

The plain old telephone system (POTS) is still one of the most reliable phone systems available for businesses that are looking for function without bells and whistles.
Primary rate interface connects your business to the public switched telephone network (PSTN) with a dedicated line and guaranteed quality of service (QoS).
Get a cost-effective voice solution with session initiation protocol (SIP) that sends your voice connection over an existing data line.
Hosted Voice:
We can implement our hosted platform to give you the scalability and efficiency of hosted voice, while keeping other locations on legacy voice services.

nTalk provides the stability and reliability of tried-and-true voice technology that has withstood the test of time. If you need to replace your telephony solution as a whole, or simply make some changes to get various locations on the same network, our legacy voice services fit the bill. Even if your voice technologies differ across your business locations, we streamline your services so your entire business has a voice system that meets your needs.

It’s time to leave behind the dropped calls and enjoy reliable voice connectivity that is achievable and cost-effective. nTalk and the experts at Ntegrated are here to help you do just that.

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