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Save time and money with bundled solutions that optimize the user experience.

Reliable business communications are critical, but choosing the right voice and collaboration technologies can be a significant amount of work. Maintaining and unifying cloud and legacy voice services can compound the difficulty further.

At Ntegrated, we specialize in easing the technology management burden for companies of any size. Whether you need to unify the management of disparate voice solutions across your business branches or are simply looking for a unified communications platform that has the features you need, we can help. Plus, we make it easy to reap the benefits of Office 365 and Skype for Business.

Connect Like Never Before with nTouch

nTouch, our premiere UCaaS platform, brings businesses into the future with next-generation cloud collaboration tools that improve interactions with employees and customers alike. nTouch is also hosted and fully managed, allowing you to easily hand over any headaches your communications network is causing you. And for businesses that have already made the move to UCaaS, nTouch provides a more robust feature set comprising messaging, mobility, management services and more.

If you’re ready for a more flexible and scalable phone system that delivers today’s most advanced communication capabilities, it’s time to get nTouch.

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nTalk Keeps Hosted and Legacy Voice Services Running Smoothly

Many businesses continue to leverage legacy voice systems because of their reliability. However, it can be difficult to keep track of and support different systems across all of your different locations. When you choose nTalk, we provide voice service management across your entire business, no matter if your locations operate on analog, PRI, SIP, hosted voice, or a combination of all four. We even offer our own hosted voice platform for any locations that could benefit from cloud communications.

For fewer dropped calls and more connections without complications, ask our experts about nTalk.

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Trust Us to Optimize Your Office 365

If your business uses Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, or OneDrive, count on nTegrated to provide Office 365 subscriptions that enable your team to create, communicate, and collaborate from anywhere, anytime, using almost any device. When you choose nTegrated to manage your services, your apps will always be up to date, and your team will always be able to work together.

Set Yourself up for Success with Skype for Business

For more than a decade, Skype has set the standard for professional online meetings and powerful collaboration tools that are easy to use. Ntegrated can provide Skype for Business subscriptions that allow your employees to organize and record meetings, send instant messages anytime, and annotate presentations with ease. With Skype for Business, you can start focusing more on the content of your calls, not the technology making them possible.

If you’re ready to improve communications for customers and employees alike, choose a technology partner that provides honest recommendations and exceptional support every step of the way. Ntegrated will work hard to earn your trust — and even harder to keep it.

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  • Transparent: We bring honesty and integrity to every project and ensure you have the facts you need to save your businesses time and money.

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