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Welcome to the Ntegrated Solutions Support Center. Our goal at Ntegrated is to provide relief to your IT department and handle all of your networking communications systems. Each employee at Ntegrated is passionate about customer service and is knowledgeable on each of our products and services providing you with a satisfactory customer service experience.

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No matter the extent of your question or suggestion, we are available for you to contact any time. Whether you need to contact sales, operations, billing, or media, we make our services available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Customer Testimonials

Monica Prather

“When we first spoke with the folks at Ntegrated Solutions, we were feeling technically challenged. They were intuitive and able to anticipate our needs. Their detailed consultation process allowed them to ask questions and really listen, allowing them to offer us a highly customized solution.

“As much help as we needed at first, I never felt disrespected because of a lack of knowledge. Their staff is refined with technical ability that is second to none, and they are always prompt and professional. You can call anyone at Ntegrated and they will get you an answer right away. There is no waiting in a queue to get a call center representative on the phone, you will get a live person every time, and it’s someone who is always happy to assist. The response times on emails and tickets are almost instantaneous, and they work well with our outside vendor for IT support.

“Their equipment and service gives us the flexibility to move office locations and still have the ability to make and receive calls as well as voicemail messages. We recently consolidated two of our branches into one larger location and Ntegrated was not only able to make the transition quick and painless, but they saved us money in the process. We had no qualms about signing a three year contract because we have the utmost confidence in Ntegrated’s service and support.”

– Monica Prather, CEO

Glen Long

“We switched to Ntegrated Solutions in August 2006 due to constant outages and other issues with our former service provider. Previously, we had to wait up to 12 hours to get a response to a phone call or an email. In addition, calling in was always an ordeal since their support line rang into a large call center.

“Ntegrated is different in many ways, and they’re just plain better than the big Telco providers. The technicians and managing partners work hand in hand to ensure that their customers are 100% satisfied, even down to the smallest detail. Even though they are a relatively small company, we always receive prompt and courteous service from their technicians.

“We see Ntegrated’s small size as a benefit, as they are able to offer competitive rates and won’t nickel and dime you. The time spent with them going over our existing equipment really made the difference; we didn’t have to buy new phones because Ntegrated was able to make our existing phones work with many of the VoIP features you would normally have to buy a new system to get. The fact that I can transfer calls from phones here in the office out to cell phones is great. Also, the scalability of Ntegrated’s infrastructure ensures us that if we need to upgrade down the line, the transition will undoubtedly be seamless.

“Their technology-based approach to providing service is something you won’t find anywhere else. Ntegrated is not in the equipment business; they are a service-oriented organization and have been providing us with top notch service for nearly three years.”

-Glen Long, Director of IT

Calvin Smith

“We had numerous issues with our previous provider – there was constant downtime, the support staff was unresponsive, and they would not upgrade our old equipment. Ntegrated was able to offer us a solution that really exceeded our expectations. The transition was difficult, but their support staff allowed us to move to their service with little to no issues. The face to face meetings during the consulting process allowed them to provide us with a solution that fit all of our needs. Ntegrated’s technology-driven approach to Internet and VoIP connectivity allows them to upgrade us without the need for new equipment.

“Ntegrated is built on support, they keep their word and deliver on expectations, and looking at the big picture, they save us money.”

– Calvin Smith, CTO

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  • Customer-focused: You’ll never be in the dark about your technology because we provide the resources and guidance you need to grow your businesses.

  • Reliable: As your single point of contact, our consultative approach guarantees you get a devoted, responsive, and accountable partner.

  • Expert: Our experience and expertise ensure you stay ahead of the curve because we provide unbiased recommendations based on the industry’s latest technology.

  • Transparent: We bring honesty and integrity to every project and ensure you have the facts you need to save your businesses time and money.

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